About this Blog

Real food for real people.  Cooking with what is in my pantry.  I will try to have pictures, normally.  The food will be simple using basic ingredients that are available at the local grocery store (well, maybe not my local grocery).  I will try to keep preparation time to about an hour.  Baking time doesn't count, usually. Most things will be made from scratch, little or no processed food, makes it healthier.  It really is not that hard.  Have a go.  What are you having for supper tonight?
Do you have a meal, fixed in about an hour, with ingredients easy to find?  Email it to me and I will post it with you as the Chef.  That will be fun for us all to share.  Remember the rules:  1.  Little or no processed food  2.  Fixed in about an hour   3.  With ingredients that are easy to find or generally on hand.  Happy Cooking!